[fade]Culture Labs exists to create meaningful experiences that deepen the connections amongst people, culture, and the places they inhabit. Places and brands communicate things to people. The experience they offer is what people connect with or are turned off by most, so it is critical to be thoughtful about how people interact with your assets. Culture Labs specializes in creating positive experiences, ranging from short-term brand activations to long-term placemaking initiatives.[/fade]


[fade]OUR TEAM[/fade]

[fade]OUR ROOTS[/fade]


A real estate expert and an experienced production duo. Discover our three partners and the story behind the lab.



[fade]RANDY BEAVERS, Principal[/fade]


After nearly a decade in commercial real estate, Randy founded Culture Labs as a way to bridge the critical gap between real estate and the people it impacts most. Randy uses his passion for problem-solving and place making to help clients leverage their real estate in unique ways to drive exposure to projects, build their brand, and create value. He has worked in several facets of commercial real estate including valuations, tenant brokerage, leasing, and consulting. He uses this experience to advise clients on the impact that experience can have on their projects and investments. Assignments and clients include the Flatiron Building, the Summerhill development, Georgia Pacific Center, BuzzFeed, SoHo House, and The Metropolitan. Randy is an active member of the Atlanta community and has been involved with the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Woodruff Arts Center, Association for Corporate Growth and MINT Gallery. Randy is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

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[fade]JHANA GRANT, Principal[/fade]


Renowned for her creativity, positivity, and execution, Jhana has over 12 years of experience in production, programming, direction, planning, and permitting. She carries the insight, foresight, and character to consistently organize varied groups of individuals and entities into successful and cohesive teams. She is among an elite group of professionals in this industry and region. She is also vested in community-based organizations with social empowerment missions and donates her time to those efforts. She holds a B.A. in Theatre from Oglethorpe University.


[fade]WILL CASH, Principal[/fade]


Will has built a career on forging genuine and mutually beneficial connections between players in the arts, industry, and public safety. He is a community-minded creator with over 11 years of experience in programming, production, performance, design, and direction. While he can tackle scale drafting and lead crisis teams to spec for government agencies at events, his nature and life experience make him fully accessible to collaborators from the street level to the board room. His attention to detail and focus under duress have made his work especially appealing to Life Safty and Emergency Management professionals. Will uses his background and networks to help create entrepreneurial synergy between properties, clients, and creators to maximize momentum and reward for all parties.